Disabling the Home Button

If you are providing the iPads for the participants in your presentation or meeting, you may want to disable the Home button to prevent them from leaving Conference Pad.

To do so, turn on Guided Access, a very useful feature Apple has included in iOS since iOS 6.0.


1. From the device’s Home screen, load Settings

2. Select General

3. In the General settings, select Accessibility

4. In the Accessibility settings, select Guided Access

5. Switch Guided Access to On

6. Tap Set Passcode and assign a 4-digit PIN that you will remember. You may want to write this down somewhere for your own records, as you will need the PIN to disable Guided Access later.

Guided Access conf-pad-disable-touch

7. In Conference Pad on each participant device, triple-tap the Home button. Be sure to distinctly press and release the home button each time for iOS to register this as a triple-tap.  When prompted, input the PIN you set previously.

8. Guided Access always disables the Home button, which will keep your participants within the Conference Pad app.  

As shown on the right, if you would like to also prevent your participants from leaving the presentation within Conference Pad at all, you can tap and draw a box around the top-left corner, where the ‘back’ button is displayed, to disable touch in that area.

9. In the top-right corner of the screen, tap Start (which will read Resume if you have been using Guided Access previously).

10. To end Guided Access, triple-tap the Home button again and enter your PIN.

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