How to Use Conference Pad

Conference Pad is easy to use; this step-by-step guide will get you started. Please take a look before your presentation, especially since step 5 can take a few minutes the first time for a given file; you don't want to be tapping your foot while your audience awaits!

1. The PDF you wish to display must be transferred to the controlling iOS device. For example, if you are using an iPhone to control one or more iPads, transfer the PDF to your iPhone.

For more details, please see 'How to Transfer Documents into Conference Pad' for per-scenario and per-platform instructions.

2. Conference Pad uses Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Direct (Bluetooth + Wi-Fi) to communicate between devices.

   Wi-Fi with a router (any number of devices; fastest): Ensure each device is on the same network.

   Wi-Fi Direct (up to 4 devices): Direct connections (without a wifi router or hot spot) are supported only on iOS 11 and above.  All devices must be running iOS 11 or later and the latest version of Conference Pad. This connection style is commonly thought of as Bluetooth but is more accurately called Wi-Fi Direct. With Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth is used to discover devices and then a connection is made directly from one device to the other via the Wi-Fi antenna, which provides substantially faster speed than traditional Bluetooth. Enable both WiFi and Bluetooth to use Wi-Fi direct. The requirement to have both WiFi and Bluetooth enabled is new as of iOS 11. It is not possible to make any connection if only Bluetooth is enabled.

3. Load Conference Pad on each device.

4. On each device which will be used for display only, select the controlling device's name in the 'Choose a device' list.  A checkmark will appear next to its name.

5. Begin the presentation on your controlling device.  It will be automatically transferred to each display device, if that device doesn't already have it stored.  As noted above, this may take a few minutes, depending on your presentation's size and your network speed (Wi-Fi is much faster).  Once it's been transferred once, it is stored, so it's optimal to take this step the first time before your audience is waiting - that way, when you start the presentation again, you'll be up and running in seconds.

6. On the controlling device, tap or swipe left to go to the next slide. Swipe right to return to the previous slide. Tap and hold to show the laser pointer, which will also display on all connected devices.  Pinch to zoom in and out; this, too, will be reflected on other devices, and you can then pan around the slide.

7. You can also tap the 'Conference Pad' back icon in the top-left corner to return to your PDF list. Connected display devices won't change when you do that.  You can then select a new presentation.  As described in step 5, it will be transferred if being shown for the first time; again, you may want to load each PDF prior to your big day.

Conference Pad is an evolving app in active development. We welcome any feedback about how it could be further streamlined or improved; please contact us with comments or questions.