ICD9 Consult 2013

ICD9 Consult puts the complete, latest ICD9-CM on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You’ll never have to flip through a 30 pound book or go hunting for a coding reference page again.

The 2013 ICD9-CM diagnosis codes are instantly searchable and also browsable by their traditional categories.  Search by code or diagnosis, through the whole ICD9-CM or through just a category or selected nonspecific code. Images within the list indicate whether a code is specific or nonspecific. Tap to view the diagnosis and the full text of its standard ICD-9 long description and to add it to your Favorites list for immediate access later. 

Features at a glance: 

★ Complete 2013 ICD9-CM diagnosis codes and 2008 ICD9-CM procedure codes, with all subcodes and all long descriptions: over 21,000 individual codes, instantly accessible

★ Search within any list of codes, by code number, by diagnosis, and by full text of long descriptions

★ Search automatically attempts to expand abbreviations and terms for the best results; e.g. "MI" → "Myocardial Infarction."

★ Browse diagnoses and ICD9-CM procedures by category and subcategory; easily limit searches to particular categories

★ Distinguish specific from non-specific codes at a glance; tap a non-specific code to view its specific children. Navigate to its parent to quickly compare one specific diagnosis to another, ensuring you code for maximum reimbursement every time.

★ Keep a Favorites list of diagnoses and procedures, which may include specific and nonspecific codes.