AppleTV 2nd generation (black) installation

If you have already jailbroken your Apple TV, you can install Rowmote Helper onto your Apple TV via NitoTV or via aTV Flash (Black), both of which provide menu systems you control on the Apple TV using its remote control.  

If you don't have either of these third-party menu systems yet, follow the Quick Rowmote Helper and NitoTV Installation Steps.

If you do have one or the other:

      NitoTV: Ensure that your NitoTV sources are up to date by selecting Update All at the bottom of the NitoTV 'Install Software' menu. Then, choose choose 'Rowmote Helper' in the 'Install Software' menu and select 'Install'.

      aTV Flash (Black): Install via the Maintenance menu

To connect with Rowmote after installation, launch Rowmote, tap Settings, select 'Apple TV', and tap 'Done'.

You can later perform updates via NotiTV or aTV Flash (Black).

If you run into any problems, please contact us and we'll resolve them as quickly as possible.

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