Conference Pad – Download Conference Pad Loader (macOS)


Control a presentation on any number of  iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches from your device, simultaneously and wirelessly over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Display it seamlessly on one or more external screens or projectors attached to iPads and iPhone. 

Perfect for talking to a large auditorium without being stuck behind a lectern or for making a lasting impression with a high-tech, multi-iPad replacement for the traditional ‘Powerpoint and slide-printouts’ approach, Conference Pad frees you to travel light and present strong. The controlling device - which may be an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad - allows any number of other devices to connect to it while it displays a PDF on its own screen and any connected display.  The display is fully under *your* control; when you change pages, pinch to zoom and pan around, or tap-and-hold to activate the laser pointer, all other devices instantly do the same.


Conference Pad shows PDFs, which means that presentations in other forms must be converted for use. Fortunately, Conference Pad Loader can use Keynote for Mac OS X to automatically convert Keynote and Powerpoint presentations to PDF before sending them wirelessly to Conference Pad on your device. 


Control a PDF from any device for display on any others which are running Conference Pad (up to fifteen).

Automatic display on external screens attached to an iPad. Slides are still presented on the iPad’s own screen when an external display is attached.

Zoom and pan within the screen with instantaneous speed and full clarity at all zoom levels

Laser pointer’ by tapping and holding

‣ Set displaying devices free to explore your presentation independently; you can always regain control with a single tap.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi seamlessly supported

Send files to Conference Pad either via iTunes’ App->File Sharing (Mac and Windows) or wirelessly via Conference Pad Loader (Mac only)

Devices which connect for display will automatically retrieve the PDF as needed

Universal binary; purchase once and use on all your iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches.



Attach your iPad to a projector; control the presentation from your iPhone while moving freely around the room

⁃ Attach your iPad to an external screen and control the presentation from it while still being able to see what you’re doing on your own screen. Change documents privately, while the audience sees only what you want them to see.

Provide an iPad to each member of the executive board and control from your own device rather than printing a booklet of slides for each meeting

Control screens in several locations around the room by attaching each to an iPad and connecting each to your own device, from which you direct the presentation

Lead a discussion of a journal article or paper to a group displaying it on mobile devices rather than printing a copy for each participant

Important Note

PDF is a static format. Conference Pad Loader will retain the build stages from presentations - that is, if advancing would reveal new items on the screen, this is shown in Conference Pad - but this does mean that animations, slide transitions, and videos are not shown.


Any combination of iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches running iOS 9.x or later.

Conference Pad must be running on each device.

✓ PDFs from any source are supported.

Conference Pad Loader requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later. Download Conference Pad Loader from You can use Conference Pad without Conference Pad Loader.

Apple Keynote for Mac OS X is required to convert Keynote or Powerpoint documents to PDF automatically via Conference Pad Loader.

✓ WiFi: Any number of display are supported. It is recommended that you disable Bluetooth.

✓ Bluetooth: Up to three display devices are supported. It is recommended that you disable WiFi. Bluetooth must be enabled via the device’s Settings to be used.