Apple TV 1st generation (white) Jailbreak & Installation

Initial Patchstick-based Installation Instructions (Classic Apple TV 2.2 to 3.x, Mac or Windows)

  1. Update your AppleTV to the current version (or the version your plan to use) before starting.  A later update may require redoing the Patchstick installation steps, as standard Apple TV updates may remove it.
  2. Unlock your AppleTV with the free Patchstick Maker application via your Mac or Windows PC.  You will need a USB drive such as a keychain drive (“jump drive”). Once it is unlocked, use your hardware Apple remote to go to the new LaunchMore menu item on your AppleTV, select Scripts, and select Install Rowmote. Connect to your AppleTV in Rowmote and put that old hardware remote away!
  3. If you have Rowmote Pro, you’ll be able to control the mouse and keyboard in apps like Boxee and Firefox.  Installation of those apps is up to you. You have several options:

  1.  You could go the free route and create a new patchstick with atvusb-creator, which will install Boxee and XBMC for you. This open source app, which also supports both Mac and Windows, generally works well, but there’s no technical support available.
  2. The full version of Patchstick provides an automated, menu-based solution for installing apps and comes with technical support.  It costs $40 per year.  You purchase the upgrade on your computer; you then enter your login information into the LaunchMore menu system you installed above, so no further patchsticking is needed. We are not associated with Patchstick; please contact them with any questions or concerns regarding their paid solution.
  3. The AwkwardTV Wiki has details and links to third party apps and plugins if you feel up to manual installations, though it’s a bit hard to navigate.

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