Perfect OB Wheel

perfect-ob-wheelThe fast, flexible, and thorough gestational calculator for iPhone, iPod Touch, and Windows Phone 7, Perfect OB Wheel is better than just a replacement for your trusty paper wheel.

You enter the last menstrual period (LMP) date, conception date, estimated date of delivery (EDC), or number of weeks at a given date. You can use the numeric entry pad (0 3 3 0 2 0 0 8) and immediately see the results, or you can spin the date wheel at the bottom of the screen and tap Next. Use whichever entry method is best for you at the moment, based on how you are holding the phone and what else you are doing at the same time.

That's all there is to it. You get all the information you would expect from a wheel, plus more:

  • Estimated Due Date
  • LMP Date
  • Conception Date
  • 1st Trimester End Date
  • 2nd Trimester End Date
  • Date range for any given week
  • Current Gestational Age
  • Current Conceptional Age
  • Expected Fetal Length based on standard fetal growth curves
  • Expected Fetal Weight based on standard fetal growth curves

All this for less than a cup of coffee. Download it today!