Fixing Issues with Controls Not Working

There are two possible problems we are aware of if controls aren't working but no error messages are shown. Here's how to fix both:

1.  Rowmote didn't authenticate properly.

This can be seen by Rowmote for the iPhone / iPod Touch showing a red connection light instead of a green one. On the iPad, this is exhibited by a spinning 'connecting' wheel to the left of the computer or Apple TV's name in the bottom-left of the screen.

If this happens, we'd appreciate an email letting us know, as this is a bug that we believe should now be fixed… if it isn't, it needs further investigation.

The fix should be easy. Quit Rowmote completely and restart it; that seems to resolve it permanently.

    1. Go to your Home screen

    2. Double tap the Home button on the iPad to bring up the task switcher

    3. Tap and hold on Rowmote's icon until a minus sign appears in the corner

    4. Tap the minus sign

    5. Tap the Home button to return to your home screen

    6. Relaunch Rowmote

2. (Mac only) Another application is 'stealing' Rowmote's remote control signals.

Plex, XBMC, Boxee, and BetterTouchTool (with its Apple Remote plugin enabled) are four applications known  to interfere with the remote control driver in certain situations, but there might be others, as well.  Please do the following to obtain more diagnostic data:

1) Download IOSpirit's free Remote Control Diagnostics tool.

2) Run the application and click on "Start Diagnostics" 

If it indicates an issue with Plex, XBMC, or Boxee, disabling that application's 'Always Running' option and restarting the Mac should help.  Please feel free to email us with the Remote Control Diagnostics output for additional assistance.

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