Improving performance of Rowmote

Rowmote works over your wireless network, so heavy network traffic can slow it down.  However, the most common cause of poor performance is – quite surprisingly if you're not familiar with how wireless and Bluetooth technology function - having Bluetooth enabled.

In many settings, having both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled does not pose a problem.

However, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth share the same wireless frequency spectrum, and it is possible for Bluetooth to cause significant interference. In one network configuration we tested (an iPhone 4 with iOS 4.1 communicating with a Macbook Pro over an 802.11g network), we found the average roundtrip time (via "ping") to be:

 • Wi-Fi only: 73.991 milliseconds

 • Wi-Fi in use, Bluetooth enabled and looking for devices but not connected: 1089.916 milliseconds.

That's over a 1400% difference!

If you're not using Bluetooth, turn it off on your iOS device. From the home screen, go to Settings → General → Bluetooth and tap it Off.

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