Rowmote and Pandora

To control Pandora, you should use a desktop application rather than the website.

There are several options:

1. PandoraOne Desktop, which is Pandora's own application. It requires a subscription to the PandoraOne higher-quality, ad-free streaming service, which carries a yearly fee.

2. PandoraBoy, a free application which effectively wraps the website and allows it to be controlled in various ways, including Rowmote.

3. PandoraJam, a $15 shareware application which adds a number of additional features to the basic Pandora package and allows Rowmote to control Pandora.

The features controllable by Rowmote are the same for any of the above options. Here are the button mappings on the Rowmote remote control:

Play: Play / Pause

Up: Volume Up

Down: Volume down

Left: Thumbs Down

Right: Next song

Menu: Thumbs up

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