Rowmote Pro 3.4 Released

We're very proud to announce the release of Rowmote Pro 3.4.  This is a feature release with some very cool improvements to our Mac and Apple TV remote control.

An intelligent 'Pause on Call' function for the iPhone now lets Rowmote pause your Mac's movie or music when you answer a phone call while Rowmote is running.

The iPhone or iPod Touch screen can be turned off automatically when it is face down through the use of the proximity sensor - perfect for conserving battery.

Those devices also sport a Mute button on the main remote, and all iOS devices can control your Mac's volume through the hardware volume buttons on the side. Intuitive audio control without cluttering the interface.

By popular demand, the iPad now has a full-screen multitouch trackpad and much better trackpad+keyboard handling when holding the iPad in landscape orientation.

Please update via the App Store.  You'll automatically be prompted to update Rowmote Helper when you connect with the new version; the Sparkle automated installation process will do the rest.

Thanks for your continued support!  Please let us know via email or Twitter what you'd like to see next :)