Apple TV 1st generation (white) installation

With Rowmote, you can use your iPhone or iPod Touch to control your Classic Apple TV® wirelessly.  Finally, the Apple TV® can hide within your entertainment center!  Rowmote will control both the original Apple menu system and third party software add-ons, like XBMC, Boxee, and Firefox.

Important disclaimer: Due to the nature of adding third party software to an Apple TV® (“ATV”), installation is not quite as easy as it is on the Mac. The process below is not supported by Apple; while these instructions have worked well for me and for many others, I can not guarantee they will work for you.  If for some reason the installation fails, you can always ‘factory restore’ your Apple TV.

If you have not yet jailbroken your Apple TV, see the Jailbreak and Installation Instructions.

If your Apple TV is already jailbroken, follow the Quick Installation Instructions.

Please see 'Multiple AppleTVs' if you have more than one 1 generation AppleTV you wish to control.

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Apple TV is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Rowmote is not affiliated with or endorsed by Apple Inc.