Rowmote for iPad 3.1: The Gesture Pad

Rowmote and Rowmote Pro 3.1 on the iPad introduce an exciting new feature, the Gesture Pad.  Found in the center of the remote control screen, the Gesture Pad lets you control the computer using, as the name implies, gestures.  This is a new level of no-look control over your Mac or Apple TV.

Flick your finger down to move down in a menu; hold it to scroll.  Flick right to move forward a track, or hold it to the right to fast forward.  A single tap is Play/Pause (or Select), while a two-finger tap is Menu (or Back).

In Rowmote Pro, the Gesture Pad can also be toggled to a standard trackpad by touching the mouse cursor icon in the corner; for the first time in Rowmote, your one-touch media controls, multitouch trackpad, and keyboard can all be easily managed on the same screen.

I hope you enjoy the new feature as much as I do :)

Note: Rowmote Pro 3.1 was approved today and displays as '3.0.8' in some of the iTunes and App Store screens; Rowmote 3.1 should follow shortly, as it's in review with Apple. You'll need to update to Rowmote Helper 3.1 – for which you'll be prompted automatically – to use the new features.